T-Mobile gives 2GB of LTE data on Simple Starter plan for just $45 per month

T-Mobile gives 2GB of LTE data on Simple Starter plan for just $45 per month


Folks on T-Mobile’s affordable $ 40 Simple Starter plan have likely been loving the unlimited talk and text, plus 500GB of LTE data for $ 40 per month, but what happens when they decide they’re no longer a light user? Thankfully T-Mobile’s introduced an inexpensive avenue for greatly increasing that pool of high speed data.

The company has announced a new $ 5 upgrade option that will net you a full 2GB of data on their LTE network, effectively quadrupling your allowance without quadrupling your bill. Unfortunately the Simple Starter plan still kicks you off the data network as soon as you hit that limit, though getting four times the data for just another $ 5 should help make up for that.

T-Mobile seems to have no shortage of moves to help bring competition back to the United States wireless sector. We’ve seen the other big 3 carriers begin to roll out more affordable plans as a result of T-Mobile’s aggressive strategy, and the Uncarrier still isn’t satisfied.

It’s continuous beneficial changes like these that will keep netting them millions of customer additions each quarter, and as long as they can maintain momentum and a solid network it won’t be long before they’re no longer seen as the underdog. The new plan is available for both existing and new customers starting September 3rd.

[via T-Mobile]



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